13th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum

3 november 2011 - 5 november 2011 | St. Louis, Missouri | Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum

Professional Ethics: Responsible Practice in the Professions.

The Society encourages submissions on all issues regarding ethics across the curriculum and selects a theme each year to encourage a focus for the conference.

This year’s theme concerns the recommendation from Ethics Teaching in Higher Education (1980) that colleges and universities “ought to prepare future professionals to understand the types of moral issues they are likely to confront in their chosen vocations, introduce them to the moral ideals of the profession, and assist them in understanding the relationship between their professional work and that of the broader values and needs of the society.” The goal of this year’s conference is to promote continued dialogue about ethics education in higher education, especially in terms of preparing our students to become responsible professionals. Sessions may address foundational issues, case studies, pedagogical demonstrations, assessment techniques, and related topics.

Submissions (papers or abstracts) should be formatted for blind review and sent by September 15, 2011 to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society, Donna Werner or by hard copy to Dr. Donna Werner, Chair, Humanities Department, St. Louis Community College, Meramec, 11333 Big Bend Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63122-5799. Phone: 314.984.7934.

The Society publishes Teaching Ethics, and papers for conferences may be sent to the editors for their consideration for publication.


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