13th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law

27 november 2018 - 29 november 2018 | Jerusalem | The UNESCO Chair in Bioethics

The Conference is designed to offer a platform for the exchange of information and knowledge and to hold discussions, lectures, workshops and exhibition of programs and databases.

The Chair’s task may be and should be realized in two ways, by two different tools: An educational tool and a legal tool. The educational tool consists of the use of novel methods that will enable access to the minds of potential “consumers” – the students, the caretakers, the patients and the public at large. The legal tool consists of the efforts to translate and deliver the theory and language of ethics to the legislator and the judiciary.

A concrete example can be found in the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights of UNESCO, and its application by the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics. The UNESCO Declaration includes 15 ethical principles that have been approved and accepted by all the states worldwide. Our UNESCO Chair in Bioethics was authorized to deliver the message of the Declaration to the students all over the world. The first step has been made. We have published lot of guidance books for teachers and have established not less than 170 Units in academic institutes on five continents. Each Unit is committed to the advancement of ethics education in its university and around its countries and regions.

The experts that attend our conference in Jerusalem are expected to undertake this mission, and to establish additional units in their own institutes. You have the knowledge and the close contact to the field of bioethics, you understand its relevance and importance, you have the tools, the wisdom and the courage to motivate this process.

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