37th World Hospital Congress

8 november 2011 - 10 november 2011 | Dubai | International Hospital Federation

IHF 37th World Hospital Congress is formulated on the theme of ‘Healthcare in a Changing World: Overcoming the Challenges’.

As the process of globalization increases everywhere throughout the world the current escalating status of the Public Health and Medical Industry in UAE, the Gulf Region and in the Arab World, IHF Dubai 37th World Hospital Congress shall provide a platform for the experts in the field of hospitals, medicine and healthcare to exchange their views and opinions. The event will definitely have an impact in the health care policies world wide.

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is an international non-governmental organization, supported by members from over 100 countries. As the worldwide body for hospitals and health care organizations, IHF develops and maintains a spirit of cooperation and communication among them, with the primary goal of improving patient safety and promoting health in underserved communities.


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