Ethics and Health

14 maart 2017 - 30 maart 2017 | Utrecht University | The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW)

In this PhD course we explore a number of ethical topics and debates in relation to health and health care. The course is open to both PhD students with a background in philosophy and those with a background in other sciences relevant to bioethics. PhD students will do short introductions of key topics and concepts, on the basis of pre-studied literature. The maximum number of participants is 16.

We have combined different topics in two very broad conceptual themes: “health, disease and quality of life” and “autonomy, justice and solidarity”. An important part of the course is to aim at conceptual clarification of key terms (e.g., health, quality of life, solidarity) as basis for normative ethical discussions. The various practical ethical topics will be introduced in guest lectures, and PhD students are encouraged to rethink, discuss, and test the various concepts and normative ideas that have been presented in the general introductory sessions.

Guest lecturers are also invited to explain how they do ethical research on the topics they work on, what methods they prefer and why, and what research questions they envision for the future.

Language: English (unless all participants are Dutch-speaking). Participants should expect to study approximately 60-80 pages of literature in preparation to each day, and prepare brief presentations about the literature.

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